lmfao yes im bruised fully


Has it ever happened to you when you're looking at people's blogs you forget that you're not on your own dashboard cus you like what you're seeing and then you realize you're not and you stop and you're all like why am I not following this person?? ... Because that just happened to me.

haha happens to me all the time. sorry for the late response im never on tumblr!


Pray for Humankind.

Trespassing creates Low frequency. 

  • The more You worry. (Worry is selfish)
  • The more You Trespass. (Trespass is Anger)
  • The worse the world becomes. 

Prayers create High frequency. 

  • The more You Pray. (Pray is selfless)
  • The more You Love. (Love is Charity)
  • The better the world becomes. 

Be mindful of Your Thoughts.

Thoughts can change the World. 


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